Thursday, November 4, 2010

Keep moving forward.... The alternative is to stop.

Well, haven't updated in a while.
I think I mentioned before that I never promised to, and since no one really reads this anyways, it shouldn't matter.

We are back from Disneyworld. Had a marvellous time, reduced the stress levels a bit, maybe, for a while, but I think I still get way too stressed way too easily.

Still working on the diabetes, have decided to ignore the other health issues. My doctor seems to think that since she's run some tests and ruled out some big stuff there's no reason to try and figure out what's going on. Her favorite theory seems to be that it's all in my head. I tend to disagree, but since arguing and fighting and chasing more inconclusive tests does not help my stress level, and raising the stress level does not seem helpful in any way, I am going to ignore the rest of it until it prevents me from carrying on with other aspects of my life.

Love my kids, they are both growing up way too fast, and deliberately each had an additional birthday in the past few months just to rub it in my face.