Tuesday, August 4, 2009

moustache waxing and all that.

So Chris Rock had (still has? I never watched much, but I don't think it's on anymore) a show called "Everybody Hates Chris". It's apparently now in syndication, and YTV, one of the channels aimed at kids, has apparently decided that it will be entertaining for younger viewers and decided to air it. A similar decision to when they picked up "Malcolm in the Middle" a few years ago. I will not comment on the reasoning behind this decision. My kids are not the only members of the demographic this channel is aimed at. But they do watch it often enough that it annoys the crap out of me when they air things I find inappropriate.
*Shrug* but Teletoon plays "Futurama" and then "The Simpsons" are everywhere, not to mention "Family Guy" and other shows I have a hairy cow about when my 8yo and 5yo kids watch them.
Back to my original comment. YTV has commercials throughout the day advertising their new run of "Everybody Hates Chris". It's a fairly standard montage of people in his life telling Chris what to do... "Chris.." do this. "Chris.." do that. Then a lady (I think it's the mom?) comes up and hollers "Chris! Look after the kids! I need to get my moustache waxed!"
I think the whole format of the commercial appeals to my kids - they find it funny enough to repeat it incessantly, anyways. But I have now been asked no less than 5 times to explain the concept of moustache waxing to my kids. I still don't think they get it, but I am getting just a little bit creeped out at trying to find new ways to explain what that is, and why they do it, and I'm really, really tired of being asked about whether I do it, need to do it, or have ever done it. (For the record, I don't, I don't need to, and I haven't).
God help me if they ever notice the douching commercials. AAAAaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

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