Friday, February 5, 2010

Is that what that song really said?

I had an odd mental flash the other day, listening to the radio in the car.

It was Nickelback - and I love Nickelback - playing the song "Rockstar". The radio station did that thing where they fuzz out the lyrics when it gets to profanity. Words like f**k, s**t, and a** are muted, so you can't really hear them. Kind of dumb, really, because everyone still knows what the word is, and often it is the rhyme at the end of the line, so why bother?
But anyways, they blurred out all the words I expected, but I was singing along anyways. And then they got to the line "Hire eight bodyguards who love to beat up..." and I swear, up until that moment, I always sang the word "vassals" and thought that was it. But they blurred the word out, and it dawned on me like a bolt of lightning... lightbulb moment. They really sing "who like to beat up a**holes." And it makes so much more sense. Why didn't I think of that before? I felt really kind of stupid, but immediately began to make up this long involved explanation, because it was perfectly reasonable for me to assume the word was "vassals". Wasn't it?
Luckily, by the time I got to work, I realized that no one would really care, and it is kind of counter-productive to draw attention to my mistake if no one knew in the first place, and I already felt kind of stupid about it. But I still have this really strong urge to share the experience... which is why this is the perfect place to get it out. Because nobody reads this anyways.

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