Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long time... no see.

Well, so I'm not such a comitted blogger, am I? Never promised to be, though.

Updates. Of the original fish, we still have the algae eater. He's (She's?) grown hella big, and seems to be thriving. Currently his (her?) only tankmate is a moonlight gourami, who apparently nibbled to death the bigger angelfish who had become the sole survivor of our previous fish... who I don't think was actually one of the original occupants of the tank, anyways. But I am proud to say that the average lifespan of a fish in that tank has to average at least 3 months. So take that fish nazi!!!

My son with the ADHD is still working to get the correct dosage of medication, but I am happy to report that he has responded extremely well to it, and does not appear to be zombified in any way, shape or form. He does seem to be very responsive to the medication, and we are cutting back to the lowest dose we can manage to try to avoid some minor sleep disruptions that have appeared. I think the lastest dose has worked very, very well, and hopefully will become permanent the next time we see his pediatrician in a couple of weeks.

My hubby still smokes. I am working very hard not to let that bother me, as I think I have to accept that I cannot control him, I can only control me. And I am the first to admit that I have issues of my own that I should work on. I have started mentally scripting a post several times about the fact that I am diabetic, but it keeps getting longer and more involved, and never quite makes it into print. But I am struggling for better control of my disease and my own health, and have taken some steps toward that goal. Hopefully I will post more about it later.

I know no one actually reads this, but just in case you found me, thanks for checking in.

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