Saturday, July 9, 2011

Me and Nicki

There is another woman in my husband's life. She was there before he met me, and I told him I wouldn't hold it against him. Maybe I lied.
But he married ME. Although he kept seeing her. He broke it off for a while, when my first child was born, but that didn't last long. And it drove me nuts to find him sneaking off to see her.
There have been other times he has given her up, but he never seems too serious about it.

Maybe it's me. I have certainly never been accused of being a sexy, addictive bitch like she is.

I can't win when I'm pitted against nicotine for his affection.

We went out for dinner tonight, just the two of us (three of us), and left the kids with a sitter. He can sit through a movie in the theatre without sneaking out to be with Nicki. But in the less than 90 minutes we spent at the restaurant, he had to leave twice for a moment with her.

I just can't compete.

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